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Laser Treatments in Lebanon County, PA

If you’re dealing with glaucoma, retinal tears, or cataracts, laser treatment may be a useful tool in helping keep your eyes healthy and treating vision loss. Laser treatments can be used to repair torn retinas, drain aqueous fluid that accumulates in your eye due to glaucoma, or treating complications following cataract surgery. At our ophthalmology offices in Lebanon County, PA, Dr. David L. Streisfeld specializes in laser treatments for improving vision and treating torn retinas. He will consult with you about whether you are a candidate for laser treatment surgery; walking you through the process and helping you make a decision about whether laser treatments are right for your condition.

Laser Treatment for Glaucoma

Catching glaucoma early in the disease is key to providing effective treatment because damage from glaucoma cannot be reversed. If you have glaucoma, however, there are steps that can be taken to prevent further damage. Dr. David L. Streisfeld works with both medications and laser treatments to help prevent eye damage and vision loss from glaucoma. The laser treatment process involves helping aqueous fluid drain from the eye, alleviating eye pressure and helping prevent further damage to your eyes and vision.

Laser Treatment Following Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is an extremely low-risk eye surgery that has a high rate of success, but there is still potential for some complications following surgery. When cataract surgery complications do occur, they are usually very minor and can be easily treated. One of the most common complications from cataract surgery is posterior capsule opacity, which occurs when a thin membrane surrounding the lens of your eye becomes hazy. This can create the illusion that your cataract has returned or wasn’t fully removed. Fortunately, this condition can be successfully treated with a laser treatment procedure. This treatment involves removing the cloudiness, restoring your vision to normal.

Retina Laser Surgery

If you’ve experienced a retinal tear, retina laser surgery is one of the most common treatments for healing the tear. Retinal tears or retinal detachments can occur as you get older when the clear gel called vitreous starts to shrink. The vitreous is attached to the retina and can pull on it as it shrinks. Often, this doesn’t create major problems, but it can pull hard enough to tear the retina. When this happens, fluid can sometimes enter through the ear, lifting the retina off the back of the eye and leading to a retinal detachment.

Retina laser surgery is one of the most common treatments for retinal tears. It consists of using a laser to make small burns around the tear in the retina, leading to scarring that seals the retina back to the underlying tissue. This helps heal the tear and prevent retina detachment.

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