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Designer Brand Glasses and Affordable Eyewear in Lebanon County, PA

At the offices of David L. Streisfeld M.D., P.C. in Lebanon County, PA, we carry the best selection of eyewear in the area, with everything from designer brand glasses to affordable eyewear. Our team can help you select the ideal pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses for your aesthetic, helping you find the right look for daily wear or special occasions.

Vision Screening

If you have an outdated prescription or are uncertain whether you need glasses, our experienced team can first perform a visual acuity test to assess your eyesight. This process involves having you read a chart of letters, with each row growing progressively smaller. We can also perform a thorough eye exam to evaluate the overall health of your eyes and detect any signs of potential problems. Once we’ve done a thorough test, we’ll talk with you about whether you need corrective eyewear and what your options are for glasses or contacts. With our extensive selection of eyewear in-store, you can even pick out your new glasses the same day.

Designer Brand Glasses

Choosing your next pair of eyeglasses can be a major decision— do you want to go with a statement look or opt for something more classic? Do you want just one pair for everyday wear, or do you want to have two for switching up your look with your mood? With our wide selection of designer brand glasses at the offices of David L. Streisfeld M.D., P.C. in Lebanon County, PA, you’re sure to find a pair you love. From Ray-Ban to Oakley to Coach, we have high quality, stylish glasses that are sure to provide the perfect complement to your style.

Affordable Glasses

In addition to our wide selection of designer brand glasses, we have an abundant array of affordable, high-quality glasses. We know that buying high-end glasses can get expensive if you damage your glasses frequently or need a new prescription on a regular basis. Or maybe you want more than one pair of glasses to provide some variety but you’re hesitant to purchase two designer brand pairs of glasses. With our affordable eyewear selection, you don’t have to worry. Our selection combines quality with affordability, so you can enjoy better vision without breaking the bank.

Prescription Sunglasses

Individuals who wear glasses all too often neglect to wear additional sun protection for their eyes when driving or spending time outside. Clip-on sunglasses can be uncomfortable, and ditching your everyday glasses for regular sunglasses means you won’t be able to see clearly. Prescription sunglasses offer an option for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays while still maintaining your vision and style. We carry a wide selection of prescription sunglasses, helping you select a pair that will help protect your eyes from sun damage.

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