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Eye Care Diagnostics in Lebanon County, PA

Our team at the offices of Dr. David L. Streisfeld M.D., P.C. in Lebanon County, PA, provides comprehensive eye care services designed to catch eye problems early and provide you with the tools necessary to care for your eyes long-term. Providing everything from eye testing and eyewear to cataract surgery and laser treatments, our full-service optical center works closely with our patients to ensure your eyes stay as healthy as possible for years to come.

Eye Testing and Monitoring

One of the central elements of our eye care services in Lebanon County, PA, is eye testing. Getting regular eye exams is key to catching eye diseases early on and starting treatment right away when it is most effective. Diseases like glaucoma and diabetic eye disease typically don’t reveal any clear symptoms in their early stages—they are only noticeable during a thorough eye examination by a trained ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Eye testing is also important for ensuring you have the correct eyewear for your vision. Vision changes over time, so an eyeglass or contact lens prescription that worked for you a year ago may no longer be the right type of lens. When you come in for eye testing, we’ll perform a visual acuity test to determine whether you need an updated prescription. We carry the best selection of eyewear in the area at the lowest prices, so you can select new eyewear on the spot if desired.

Cataract Care

Dr. Streisfeld specializes in cataract care, providing patients dealing with cataracts with effective treatment and surgery. Cataracts are a normal part of aging, developing as a clouding on the lens of the eye. This cloudiness can lead to hazy vision, sometimes minor, sometimes severe. Simply changing your glasses prescription can help overcome the haziness from cataracts. Other times, when it becomes so severe you can’t see well, you may need to have surgery. Our team at the offices of Dr. David L. Streisfeld will discuss all of your options and help you determine the best course of treatment for you and your lifestyle.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are a key method for treating a range of eye conditions, including retinal tears, glaucoma, and cataract surgery. Retina surgery is typically necessary when your retina tears or is detached. Retina laser surgery involves making small burns around the tear, spurring scarring to seal the retina and prevent detachment. Laser surgery for glaucoma is used to help aqueous drain from the eye, reducing pressure in the eye and helping prevent further damage to your eyes and vision.

Dr. David L. Streisfeld is highly skilled in laser treatments and will help determine whether you would be a good candidate for laser treatment for glaucoma or for retina laser surgery.

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